The ninth chapter of the Girls Bravo Manga Series.



During a heat wave, the gang has little choice but to use Fukuyama's pool. While there, Yukinari and Fukuyama switch bodies.


  • Kirie uses a fan that says "Girls Bravo".
  • The anime episode Bravo at the Pool! is loosely based on this story, with some differences:
    • In the manga, the story took place at Fukuyama's pool. In the anime, it took place at the high school pool during one of Fukuyama's crafty schemes to satisfy his perverted desires.
    • While both versions had Kazuharu stuck in the form of an inanimate object, he was the sculpture that caused the mind-swapping in the manga and a wooden board in the anime.
    • While Lisa is responsible for the body-switching mishap in both versions, it was purely accidental in the manga, when in the anime it was part of a plan to get closer to Yukinari.
    • In the anime, the mind-swapping grew more intense when it eventually led to Fukuyama being in Miharu's body, Yukinari being in Kirie's body, and so on. It also caused a giant octopus monster to appear.
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