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  • Ltmaroon57

    Hi, we, Omega Entertainment, are excited to anounce that we have began production of a sequel series to Girls Bravo... Bravo 2.

    This time, instead of focusing on Mihara, Yukinari, and Kirie, this new sequel series is centered around Yukinari and Kirie after Mihara has left to return to her homeworld, Seiren, it is just the two childhood friends, Yukinari and Kiere. What exciting new adventure awaits these two? Find out this fall! Only on Netflix.

    More info to come! Stay tuned.

    Stay updated here- Sorry about the domain name. All of our money is litterally going towards animation and voice acting. We will change the anme eventually.

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  • Tysaylor141

    Blog de Tyler

    February 11, 2013 by Tysaylor141

    Subject - Girls Bravo Gone :(

    The anime girls bravo will no longer be shown on Netflix, I know what you're thinking, yes it's sad but I've already seen all 24 episodes & I wish I can read the manga version. If I do I hope it's west to east. If it's not somebody teach me how to read east to west! Now back to business (sorry I've gotten like that, I'm just a little on edge about this. That's all) I'm gonna miss all the raunchy raucous comedy like Yukinari or Fukuyama getting kicked in the face by Kirie, Miharu's misunderstandings of earth like if something is edible or not (butterflies are a good example) or thinking April fools day means that everyone on earth tell lies for one day, Kirie's lack of cooking skills, Yukinari's bad luck, Lisa's…

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