Fruit Vendor

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Fruits vendor

The Fruit Vendor was a minor character in the Girls Bravo Manga Series. He only appeared in Act. 2 offering a free sample of apples to Miharu Sena Kanaka, only for her to eat all the apples he had in stock.

Other mediaEdit

He appears as a minor recurring character in the Girls Bravo Anime Series, with some changes. The most notable change is that he sells bananas instead of apples(possibly because bananas would be more appropriate for an ecchi such as Girls Bravo due to their resemblance to a phallus, which is backed up by a scene where Miharu suggestively licks and sucks on a banana before eating it). He was voiced by Takashi Nagasako in the original version and by Doug Stone in the English dub. After his encounter with Miharu, he develops a friendship with her and often refers to her as "Banana Girl". He once even let her work for him so she could earn enough money to buy presents for her friends.

Banana man girls bravo

Vendor amazed that Miharu Sena Kanaka at all those bananas