Name Kazuharu Fukuyama
Age 17
Voice Actor Liam O'Brian (English), Ryotaro Okiayu (Japanese)
Gender Male
Birthplace Japan
Nickname Fukuyama

Kazuharu Fukuyama (referred by almost all the characters simply as Fukuyama) is a character in the anime and manga series Girls Bravo. He is one of the series' major characters and commonly acts as a de facto antagonist, following from several episodes that involves Yukinari Sasaki, Miharu Sena Kanaka, Kirie Kojima and Koyomi Hare Nanaka trying to overcome the schemes that Fukuyama sets up so as to get something out of them (most commonly sexual favor from Kirie).

He is considerably perverted and goes to great extent and great expense to get close and do perverted things to Miharu and Kirie, particularly the latter. He has been known to organize cat fight tournaments, using black magic and several other schemes to get to see Kirie nude, only succeeding once in a plot involving a complex board game tournament, which resulted in Kirie losing and having to give him a sponge bath with her breasts. He has a deep obsession with Kirie's breasts, to the point that he keeps a shrine to them in his closet.

Despite all this, he is not such a bad guy. He is very protective of his younger sister and worries when he can't find her. He strongly disproves of Lisa Fukuyama's attraction to Yukinari. When he first meets Tomoka Lana Jude, he realizes she is lost and is very kind and compassionate when taking her back to Yukinari's house. He continues to help her when he sees her, and the two eventually develop a sibling-like relationship and often teams up with her. In the anime, Tomo usually refers to Fukuyama as "big brother" after these events. He generally acts with contempt towards Yukinari but does act friendlier (i.e. not constantly insulting him) towards him eventually. He has often been showing to have genuine feelings for Kirie and in the last episode is willing to injure himself to protect her.

Trivia Edit

- Like Yukinari Sasaki (who breaks into hives whenever he comes into contact with girls and women), Kazuharu breaks into hives whenever he comes into contact with boys and men.