Girls Bravo Kosame

Japan, Earth
Voiced by
Nozomi Masu (Japanese)
Robin Rhodpa (English)

Kosame (小雨) is one of Lisa Fukuyama's bodyguards who works alongside Hayate. She has a supporting role in the series, commonly assisting the young Lisa in several of her plots, though more often in assisting in her brother's plots. Kosame is a professional hitwoman who is trained in several forms of martial arts as well as in marksmanship. ImagesGE5QXNTR

Personality Edit

Kosame is a strict and professional woman who (aside from very few occasions) always wears her uniform and is always stoic and alert. After fighting Kirie Kojima, Kosame formed an attraction to her and eventually fell in love with her.

Plot Edit

Kosame’s most notorious plot point is her love for Kirie Kojima. After engaging in combat with Kirie, she grew attracted to her and eventually fell in love with her. Whenever Kosame sees Kirie, she blushes and immediately attempts to woo her or incite her into having sex with her. Kosame is repeatedly frustrated because of her failed attempts to seduce Kirie, so she makes it her purpose in life to sleep with her.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Kosame means "small" (小) (ko) and "rain" (雨) (same).
    • It can also mean "light rain" or "fine rain".

Gallery Edit

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