Asuha Sena Kanaka is Koyomi Hare Nanaka's mother.

In the MangaEdit

Koyomi's mother makes an appearance in Act. 12 of the Girls Bravo Manga Series. She is seen in a flashback telling a young Koyomi that her father is on his home planet Earth. She is mentioned occasionally since then.

In the AnimeEdit

In the Girls Bravo Anime Series, she is voiced by Mayumi Yanagisawa in the original version and by Karen Thompson in the English dub. She is mentioned in Bravo at Mahjong! when Koyomi complains about having to wear nothing but a snake after losing to Fukuyama. Her first appearance is in Sunny Afternoon Bravo!, where she is seen in a flashback telling Koyomi about her father. She makes a brief appearance in Bravo to Seiren! where the mark on her head shines, confirming Koyomi's father is still around.


The mark on Asuha's forehead is like the mark on Miharu Sena Kanaka's forehead: whoever bears the mark will find true love in a faraway place. In Miharu's case, the mark also enables her to open portals between Seiren and Earth. It is also shown that Koyomi, despite having no marks on her forehead, can also open gateways between Seiren and Earth.