(Note: This Is A Fan Fiction Page & That In The Story As The Girls Bravo Characters Enter The Real World Is That They Look The Same Except They're Not Animated)

Thru The Real World Is a Manga At Work Written By Tysaylor141, It Follows 15 Year Old Kenji Nakamura Meeting A Character From An Anime Who Needs To Get Back To Her Show Before She Becomes A Government Experiment Or Fade Away And Become Celluloid Dust.


It Started When Kenji Nakamura Watching An Episode Of His Favorite Anime “Girls Bravo”, When The Episode Was Over He Said Someting Which Later As He Was Asleep A Pink Portal Opened. The Next Morning He Woke Up To Find That Miharu Sena Kanaka Staring Back At Him, Miharu Was Telling Kenji Questions About Himself Then She Explained To Him How She Got Here. Then Kenji's Big Brother Ichiro Walked In And Asked What Miharu Was Doing Here (Ichiro Has No Idea That Miharu Is From Girls Bravo) Kenji Lied By Saying That Miharu's Parents Are Out Of Town And She Needs A Place To Stay, Ichiro Believed Him And Left, After That Kenji Passed Out. Then Kenji Woke Up In The Living Room Then Him And Miharu Went Outside And Spent The Day Together.

While Their Day Out Two Agents Who Work In The Japanese Goverment Named Agent Igarashi & Agent Suzuki Were Spying On Them, Kenji Noticed The Agents, Grabbed Miharu's Hand, And Made A Run For It. The Pair Of Agents Chased After Them, Luckily Kenji And Miharu Lost Them And Headed Straight Home. The Next Day Miharu Wanted To Go To Kenji's School "Tachibana High" But He Told Her To Go The Park Instead, But She Went To Tachibana High Anyway. When Kenji Noticed Her At School They Had A Private talk At An Alley And He Was Okay With Miharu Here (Everyone There Assumed Miharu Is A New Student) Then A Student Walked Up To Kenji & Miharu And Told Them About The “Miharu Sena Kanaka Look-Alike Contest”. That She'll Enter Later In The Story. Then During Gym Class Everyone Is Playing Volleyball, Then An Announcement Came On The Intercom Saying That Armored Men Are Looking For A Pink Haired Girl With Three Dots On Her Forehead Then Kenji & Miharu Made A Run For It, Along The Way They Ran Into Agents Igarashi & Suzuki Who Then Told Kenji Why They're After Miharu Then She And Kenji Escaped On A Hovercycle They Found Outside In A Parking Lot.

When They Got Back From School (It Got Evacuated Until Further Notice) Kenji Told Ichiro That Miharu Is From Girls Bravo And He Believed Him Without Proving Anything And Then They Went To Enter Miharu To Her Look-Alike Contest. Then In The Girls Bravo World Everyone Is Worried Where Miharu Is. Then Kazuharu Fukuyama Was Ready For A Rescue Mission, Lisa Opened Up A Green Portal Then Fukuyama Yelled “I'll Save You Miharu!” And Jumped To The Real World, Found A Flyer About The “Miharu Sena Kanaka Look-Alike Contest” And Went After Miharu. Before The Portal Closed Yukinari & Kirie Got To The Real World At The Last Second And Went After Fukuyama.

At The Contest Miharu Was About To Win 1st Place, Then When The Hostess Was About To Put The Tiara On Miharu, While Kirie And Yukinari And Agent Igarashi And Suzuki Were Looking For Miharu In A Crowd Of Girls Dressed As Her, Then Fukuyama Appeared And Snatched Miharu Into His Arms And At The Last Second Ichiro Yelled “Who Wants A Banana!” And Like Bees To Honey Miharu Ran Straight To The Nakamuras' And Then Went Home, Then Fukuyama Thinking What To Do Next Met A Girl Named Fukima Miyazaki Then She Thought That The Guy Looked Familiar. At The Nakamura Residence Kenji, Ichiro, Met Kirie, Yukinari, Miharu, And Fukuyama Then They're Temporarally Living With The Nakamura Brothers.

The Next Day Fukima Visited Kenji's Home (As She Often Does) And They Were Glad She Came, They Started By Asking Her What Is Her Favorite Girls Bravo Character, She Answered “Kirie Kojima”. Then Kenji Called Her Downstairs To Meet Someone, Then As Fukima Saw Kirie Face-To-Face After All That Excitement Inside Of Her She Passed Out. Then Yukinari Lifted The Fainted Fukima To The Couch Where She Can Rest. Minutes Later She Woke Up By Fukuyama Kissing Her Awake Then He Stared Being Perverted As Usual To Her Then Kirie Broke It Up By Sweep-Kicking Him And Slamming Him, Then Finally Fukima Got Used To The Anime Characters Living Here.

Then The Next Day Kenji Got Kirie And Fukima To Spend The Day Together Like He Did With Miharu, And The Next Night: See “Ichiro's Work Of Art”. Then At A Friday Night Miharu Has Been Hearing About “Girls Bravo” For The Past Few Days And Wonder What It Was, So Miharu Went Outside At Night To Literally Meet Her Maker Mario Kaneda; Creator Of The Girls Bravo Manga Series. When She Got There She Rang The Doorbell And Mario Asked Who It Was And Didn't Believed Miharu Until She Answered The Door, Miharu Asked Her That Is She Her Mother, After Her Question Mario Kaneda Fainted. Few Minutes Later She Told Miharu Everything About Girls Bravo; The Manga, The Anime, The Video Game, Everything. When Miharu Came Back She Was Kiddnapped Same Goes For Kirie, Yukinari, And Fukuyama Who Were Asleep.

The Next Day Ichiro, Kenji, And Fukima Heard That Miharu & Her Friends Are Gone And Successfully Infiltrated The General's Base Disguised As Laundry Men, Inside They Ran Into Fukuyama Who Was Disguised As One Of The General's Guards. He Had A Level 4 Key Card Which Was The Same Level As Needed To Get The Others Out. They Did Get Them Out Then Kenji, Fukima, And Ichiro Founded 3 Weapons (Kenji Got A Laser Shotgun, Fukuyama Gave Fukima His AR-50 Rifle, Ichiro Found A Prototype Weapon Which Fires Powerful Sound Waves That Can Push Back People, Cars, Any Heavy Object) They All Fought Their Way Out Then Confronted The General Who Seduced Kirie, Kissed Her For Nearly Five Seconds, Then He Got Badly Beaten By Her.

Then The Gang Found A Van And Drove Home While Losing The General's Men, When They Got Back Home Fukuyama Saved Fukima's Life While Holding Off Guards, Ichiro Who Found A Device Given To Him By A Scientist Back In The Warehouse, Ichiro Installed It Into The TV. Then Fukuyama, Kirie, Yukinari, And Miharu Went Back Home (In That Order) Before Miharu Came Back To The Girls Bravo World She Gave Kenji A Goodbye Kiss.

Note: There Were Some Scenes After This But I Decided Not To Show Them At This Page.


It Was Six Years Later, Kenji Got Married And Had A Son. Her Wife Found A Five Year Old Photo Of Kenji, Ichiro, And Fukima With People She Never Even Met (Who Were Yukinari, Kirie, Miharu, And Fukuyama) Then Kenji Told Her And His Child The Whole Story.


Kenji NakamuraEdit

A 15 Year Old Boy Who've Met Real life Anime Characters, He Lives With His Brother, Just His Brother. It Started When Ichiro Was Moving Out Of His Parents House Then Kenji Asked His Parents If He Can Move In With Ichiro And They Said Yes. In The Epilogue Kenji Is A Famous Author, His First Story Was The Plot Of This Page

Ichiro NakamuraEdit

Kenji's 17 Year Old Brother, He goes To The Same School As Kenji, Has The Same Favorite Show As Kenji Too. He Has A Good Sense Of Humor, In The Story It Is Revealed That He Can Do An Exact Voice Impression Of Kirie & Kosame, In The Epilougue Ichiro Is Living With His Brother. He Also Has A Crush On Miharu's Big Sister Maharu

Fukima MiyazakiEdit

Kenji And Ichiro's 16 Year Old Next Door Neighbor, She Has The Same Favorite Show And Goes To The Same School As The Nakamura Brothers Too, She Learned How To Deal With Perverts By Watching Girls Bravo (Yes Girls Bravo Is Fukima's Favorite Show), But She's Afraid Of Fukuyama Because She Has Recurring Nightmares Of Fukuyama Having Sex With Her And Liking It, Although In The Story She Learns That He's Not Such A Bad Guy (But She Still Hates Fukuyama). In The Epilogue Fukima Is In The Japanese army

Agent Igarashi & SuzukiEdit

Two Agents Who Work For The General, They're After Them To Experiment On Miharu And Her Friends. They Are Also In Their Mid 20s

The GeneralEdit

The Leader Of A Secret Government Agency, He Is In Is Late 20s. The Most Ironic Part About Him Is That He Bears A Striking Resemblance To Kazuharu Fukuyama

Bonus ScenesEdit

Tomoka's VisitEdit

It Started With Ichiro Dreaming About Him Having Sex With Maharu, But His Dream Was Interrupted By Tomoka Lana Jude Slapping Him Awake Using Ebi As A Weapon. Then Ichiro Lifted Tomoka And Tossed Her Back Into The TV

The Heros Meet MarioEdit

It Started At The Moment When Miharu, Yukinari, Kirie, & Fukuyama Went Home To Their World, Then A Limousine Pulled Up At The Nakamura Household Then Kenji, Ichiro, And Fukima Meet Mario Kaneda But They Don't Know Who She Is

Ichiro's Work Of ArtEdit

It Was A Thursday Night, Ichiro & Fukuyama Were Talking About If There Were Two Kirie Kojimas In Their Lives, Then Ichiro Showed Everyone A Painting Of Maharu, Kirie, Koyomi, Miharu, And Lisa Wearing Belly Dancer Outfits. He Even Told Them The Story That Came With The Painting

Extra StoryEdit

I Also Came Up With A Girls Bravo Story About Ichiro Asking Lisa To Turn Him Into Kirie To Mess Around With The Others