Tomoka Lana Jude

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First appearance
October 16th
Voiced by
J-Ray Hochfield

Tomoka Lana Jude (トモカ·ラナ·ジュード, Tomoka Rana Jūdo), a resident of Seiren who was sent to aid Koyomi Hare Nanaka in finding Maharu Sena Kanaka a groom after Koyomi's less than productive efforts. She vehemently opposes being treated like a child, but in actuality, she acts just like a kid often referring herself to the first person. Her comments sound mature and her digs often stun people into silence. Wielding a magic wand. Unlike the other female characters, she gets along fairly well with Fukuyama (presumably because she's too young for him to have any sexual interest in), whom she refers to as "big-brother," and the two occasionally team up to obtain some mutual objective. In the anime, Tomoka frequently uses Ebi as a makeshift club for hitting almost anything and anyone. Tomoka can also use transformation magic, and in the anime becomes friends with Lisa after conceding defeat in a magical duel. She is also obsessed with Poyon, her favorite TV show character. Because she's a child, Tomoka is able to have contact with Yukinari Sasaki without triggering his female allergy. She also looks up to Kirie Kojima as a "big-sister" ("onee-chan" in the original dub). For example, she follows Kirie's example of drop-kicking Fukuyama right in the face. In the manga, Tomoka is later revealed to be a genius capable of instantly answering a complex math equation from a college entrance exam.